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Creating a Culture of Success: Nurturing the Foundation of Thriving Organisations.


Two Women, One Mission, Elevating Humans.

Culture - a concept that holds within it the essence of people, purpose, and the very fabric of an organisation. It's a complex fabric woven from beliefs, values, practices, attitudes, and behaviours shared by individuals. However, perhaps one of the simplest ways to define culture is by observing what people do when no one is watching. It's a "way of life" that extends far beyond the workplace, influencing family dynamics, communities, hobbies, and even sports clubs.

In the context of organisations, culture is the environment we craft for our people. It is a dynamic force that shapes work satisfaction, retention rates, relationships, performance, and career growth. A remarkable workplace culture ripples out to affect not only performance but also an organisation's internal and external perception. Building an exceptional culture within an organisation entices and retains top-tier talent, elevates employee engagement, amplifies productivity, and magnifies overall performance.

In our journey, we’ve observed that cultivating a positive culture result in happier individuals who display heightened commitment, job satisfaction, enhanced performance, and a tendency to grow within the organisation. The value of a positive culture is universally acknowledged, yet its implementation remains a challenge for many organizations and leaders.

While discussions about competitive advantages often centre around strategy, products, processes, or policies, we firmly believe that an organisation's greatest asset is its people and the culture they operate in. Senior-level executives are increasingly recognising the significance of a strong culture. A study by BW Businessworld found that 92 percent of leaders from successful companies believe that workplace culture significantly impacts financial performance and plays a pivotal role in achieving financial goals.

A culture built on openness, empowerment, collaboration, trust, and investments in people is, in my view, the bedrock of future thriving organisations. However, crafting a remarkable culture is no easy feat - it demands dedication and persistent effort. There's no instant solution, no quick-fix recipe. Culture cannot be bought off the shelf, nor can a few posters or affirmations transform a workplace. Cultivating an enduring culture involves continuous work, teaching, and learning.

Creating a vibrant culture doesn't hinge on surface-level perks like free lunches, parking, or gym access. These are extras, whereas a strong culture requires daily investment. It's about imparting and absorbing culture, and the kind of culture leaders foster will determine how employees perceive their workplace and their role within it.

Sure, nurturing culture involves hard work, but it's an investment that pays off manifold. The rewards of a positive, empowering, and productive workplace culture are immeasurable. Cultivating such a culture isn't an easy journey, and each culture is unique, just like individuals. It needs commitment and consistency. With the right strategies, an environment that fosters productivity and positivity can flourish within your organisation.

15 Strategies to Foster a Remarkable Culture:

1. Embrace Diverse Perspectives: Foster a culture where everyone's voice is heard, welcoming fresh thinking and ideas.

2. Invest in Growth: Upskill your workforce to nurture their potential and contribute to the organisation's growth.

3. Nurture Relationships: Encourage the development of meaningful connections among team members.

4. Challenge Comfort Zones: Push individuals beyond their comfort zones, fostering personal and professional growth.

5. Encourage Transparency: Cultivate open and honest communication, establishing an atmosphere of trust.

6. Live by Values: Breathe life into core values, ensuring they guide actions and decisions at all levels.

7. Promote Positivity: Create a positive atmosphere that promotes collaboration, creativity, and mutual support.

8. Recognise and Reward: Acknowledge efforts, results, and teamwork, fostering a culture of appreciation.

9. Champion Diversity: Treat all individuals equally, celebrating the diversity that enriches the organisation.

10.Share a Clear Vision: Articulate a compelling vision and purpose that aligns and motivates the entire workforce.

11.Prioritize Collaboration: Foster a collaborative environment that encourages cross-functional teamwork.

12.Balance Work and Life: Promote a 'life in balance' to support holistic well-being among employees.

13.Foster Career Paths: Offer growth opportunities and career paths that empower individuals to evolve.

14.Healthy Competition: Introduce healthy competition that drives innovation and continuous improvement.

15.Set Expectations: Clearly define expectations, empowering employees to perform and contribute effectively.

The Journey Begins with You:

Creating a powerful culture commences with individuals in leadership roles. Whether you're a CEO, entrepreneur, senior executive, board member, or a department head, you are responsible for shaping culture. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, no shortcut. Culture is unique to each organisation, just as individuals are. It demands dedication, consistency, and a genuine commitment to nurturing it daily.

Remember, building a remarkable culture is both a challenge and a rewarding investment. The journey may be arduous, but the outcomes are beyond measure. Cultivating a culture for success isn't a task to be taken lightly, but it's an endeavour that will ultimately shape the destiny of your organisation.

By Colleen Callander & Shannah Kennedy Founders of HUMAN ELEVATION Visit us at:

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