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Elevating Leadership: The Foundation of Influence, Inspiration, and Impact.


Two Women, One Mission, Elevating Humans.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. It's a journey that requires dedication, passion, daily practice, and continuous growth if you aim to be an exemplary leader who influences, inspires, and makes a positive impact. Just like parenting, leading a healthy life, or excelling in sports, leadership is a lifestyle choice. In this blog, we'll explore the three pillars of high-performance leadership that can elevate you to new heights and help you become a transformative leader.

Leadership as a Lifestyle Choice

Leadership is not a role you turn on and off; it's a way of life. There are striking parallels between parenting and leadership. As new parents, you often dive into the role without a manual, learning and adapting as you go. Early leadership experiences can feel just as uncertain. There's no magic handbook titled "How to Be a Great Leader," but that's okay because leadership, like parenting, is a learning journey.

Becoming a parent, you quickly realise that preparation can only take you so far. It's in the actual role that you truly learn how to be a parent. You learn by doing, making mistakes, celebrating successes, and evolving each day. This continuous evolution is equally applicable to leadership.

Parenting teaches us valuable lessons about guiding, supporting, nurturing, and empowering others. These principles also form the foundation of effective leadership. Just as you create an environment where your children feel safe and cared for, leaders must create a workplace where team members thrive.

Like any lifestyle choice, leadership demands practice, discipline, and consistency to excel and achieve remarkable results. You can't decide when to give your best; it requires unwavering commitment and a dedication to maintaining a high standard of leadership each day.

Remember, leadership isn't just about being in charge; it's about the power to influence, inspire, and leave a lasting impact.

The Pillars of High-Performance Leadership

1. Influence

Influence is a pivotal leadership quality. It's about having the power to change and affect others positively. Great leaders use their influence to help people become better versions of themselves.

Empower Your People: Belief in someone and the simple words, "I believe in you," can strengthen their confidence, engagement, and innovation, driving them to achieve their full potential.

Build Long-Lasting Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of relationships, and in the workplace, it's built through open communication, honesty, expertise, consistency, and positive connections.

Connect with Emotions: Emotional connections foster better relationships and communication within the workplace. Sharing and trusting each other creates an environment where people can thrive.

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive: Effective leaders assertively influence others through confident, honest communication while avoiding aggressive behaviour.

Lead by Example: Leading by example sets a positive tone by acting as a role model, embodying expected behaviours and values, and inspiring others to follow suit.

Communicate the Vision: Leaders must communicate their vision clearly to provide purpose and direction, inspiring others to join the journey towards organisational success.

Give Your People a Voice: Creating an inclusive environment encourages people to share their ideas, fostering open communication and trust, which contributes to the organisation's success.

Teach Your Knowledge: Sharing unique stories, experiences, and knowledge with others fosters growth, connection, and skill development, creating a sense of unity.

2. Inspire

Inspiration is the ability to excite, encourage, build confidence, and dare to be different. Inspirational leaders are admired and looked up to.

Be the Role Model: A positive role model embodies values, acceptance of others, and resilience, motivating others to achieve success through example.

Lead with Purpose: Inspiring leaders live intentionally, fostering a sense of purpose that not only gives meaning to their actions but also motivates those around them.

Lift Others Up: Great leaders support and encourage others, enabling personal and team growth and creating a high-performing environment.

Create Bold Goals: Leading by example in setting ambitious goals inspires others to pursue their dreams fearlessly, fostering innovation, resilience, and collaboration for positive change.

Walk with Calm Confidence: Demonstrating unwavering self-belief and commitment encourages others to face challenges confidently, building trust in their abilities and nurturing resilience.

Keep Your Word: Maintaining integrity by fulfilling promises establishes trust, credibility, and respect, while failing to do so erodes confidence.

Stay True to Yourself: Authentic leadership involves honesty, aligning actions with beliefs, and maintaining one's identity, ensuring fulfillment and resilience.

Lead with Kindness: Leading with kindness involves empathy, active listening, and inspiring confidence in others, supporting individual strengths and growth aspirations.

3. Impact

Impact is about making a memorable impression through actions, words, kindness, and the ability to influence and inspire.

Give Back: Generosity creates a ripple effect of kindness and generosity that inspires others.

Mentor Others: Guiding, supporting, and inspiring others makes a lasting impact on their personal and leadership journey.

Go the Extra Mile: Great leaders exceed expectations, view challenges as learning opportunities, and inspire those around them to do the same.

Be Innovative: Inspiring leaders encourage innovation and creativity, motivating others to shape future success through new approaches.

Lead with Pure Optimism: Optimism creates a vision for the future that inspires determination and effort, positively influencing those around us.

Live a Courageous Life: Courage inspires others through resilience, boldness, a growth mindset, and the willingness to do what's right, even in the face of fear or adversity.

Be Fully Present: Effective leaders actively listen and appreciate others' perspectives by embracing the art of active listening, which strengthens connections.

Celebrate Others’ Wins: Embracing and celebrating others' successes fosters a positive culture of support and recognition.

In conclusion, high-performance leadership is a journey that involves influence, inspiration, and impact. By mastering these three pillars, you can elevate your leadership skills, inspire those around you, and create a lasting, positive impact on your organisation, your community, and the world. It's a lifestyle choice that requires dedication, practice, and a commitment to excellence every day.

By Colleen Callander & Shannah Kennedy Founders of HUMAN ELEVATION Visit us at:

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