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Harnessing the Power of People: Passion, Purpose and Profits.


Two Women, One Mission, Elevating Humans.

In the dynamic landscape of modern leadership, the role of people as a driving force for success has taken centre stage. Savvy leaders recognise that their greatest asset lies not just in products or strategies, but in the passionate individuals who bring those ideas to life. The symbiotic relationship between prioritising people's needs and organisational success cannot be overstated. In a world focused on profits and performance, it's imperative to remember that 'people' is not just a buzzword—it's the heart of your organisation's potential.

In the fast-paced and profit-oriented world we live in, it's no surprise that terms like sales, margins, shareholder returns, and revenue dominate leaders' discussions. The pursuit of performance and profit is undoubtedly crucial for businesses to innovate, reinvest, and flourish. Yet, amid the hustle and bustle, there's a crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed on spreadsheets and financial reports—the human element.

Effective leaders create environments where people thrive, connecting with their work, making meaningful contributions, and feeling like integral parts of a greater whole. When individuals feel valued, trusted, and empowered, their engagement and motivation flourish, driving them to perform at their best. Engaged employees consistently outperform their peers who feel undervalued and overlooked.

Drawing from my thirteen years as a CEO and leader, I've been driven by the mission to cultivate workplaces where individuals wake up each day feeling safe, valued, inspired, empowered, and fulfilled. This focus on people, rather than just tasks, has been my secret weapon—a key factor behind my success as a leader. The "Power of People" and their performance have a tangible impact on the success of any business endeavour.

Throughout our journey, we’ve always recognised the power of human relationships. We have understood that placing people at the forefront can drive exceptional outcomes. We’ve never been afraid of having a team that's brighter, more skilled, or more accomplished than ourselves—in fact, we have actively sought it out. To us, surrounding ourselves with incredible individuals has been a significant advantage in my leadership journey.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed leaders across various industries shackled by fear—afraid of being overshadowed or outperformed. This apprehension often stems from their own insecurities. It saddens us that in today's world, many people drag themselves to work without inspiration. Shockingly, only about 15 percent of individuals worldwide feel engaged with their jobs. But this narrative can change by embracing a new style of leadership—one grounded in kindness, honesty, integrity, and a deep appreciation for the "Power of People."

Imagine the impact if we shifted our focus from profits to people, purpose, and passion. These values form the cornerstone of organisations positioned not just to survive but to thrive in the future. This isn't a dismissal of profits; they remain crucial. However, we believe that the collective will of the people is just as vital. If you nurture your people, profits will inevitably follow.

People with Purpose and Passion = Profit

Here are ten steps to cultivate an environment that harnesses and amplifies the "Power of People":

1. Highlight Impact: Communicate how individual efforts contribute to the bigger picture.

2. Embrace Ideas: Welcome input from individuals at all levels of the organisation.

3. Open Channels: Establish transparent lines of communication and genuinely value feedback.

4. Promote Collaboration: Foster an environment that encourages teamwork and collective ideation.

5. Celebrate Diversity: Recognise and embrace the strength of diverse perspectives.

6. Reward Excellence: Acknowledge outstanding performance and contributions.

7. Give Voice: Empower every member of the team to express their opinions.

8. Encourage Autonomy: Trust your team to make decisions and contribute autonomously.

9. Acknowledge Expertise: Recognise that individuals are experts in their respective domains.

10. Nurture Growth: Create an atmosphere that promotes continuous learning and development.

Research reveals that organisations where employees feel engaged are a remarkable 21 percent more profitable.

Reflecting on our careers, embracing the "Power of People" fosters increased productivity, builds trust, enhances engagement, elevates morale, boosts performance, invites innovative thinking, and most importantly, retains top-tier talent.

Embracing the "Power of People" isn't merely a good idea—it's a strategic advantage that can set your organisation apart. By fostering an environment where people thrive, leaders forge pathways to lasting success. It's not just about profits; it's about people with purpose and passion driving the engine of your organisation towards unparalleled achievement.

By Colleen Callander & Shannah Kennedy Founders of HUMAN ELEVATION Visit us at:

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