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The Three Rules of Extraordinary Leadership.


Two Women, One Mission, Elevating Humans.

In the realm of leadership, the extraordinary stands apart from the ordinary. It's not just about directing others or managing tasks; it's about inspiring transformation, nurturing growth, and leaving an unforgettable mark on the world. The three guiding principles that underpin extraordinary leadership pave the way for a legacy of inspiration and empowerment. In this blog, we delve into these principles to uncover the essence of exceptional leadership that sets leaders apart and shapes a path for others to follow.

Rule 1: Lead Self - The Foundation of Exceptional Leadership

Leadership isn't merely about guiding a team; it starts with leading oneself. This cornerstone of exceptional leadership rests upon a profound understanding of one's values, purpose, and self-awareness. Research indicates that a significant portion of effective leadership hinges on how well a leader navigates their own life and decisions. By cultivating discipline, structure, and a positive mindset in their daily routines, leaders prime themselves to be a source of inspiration and influence for others.

Ask yourself: Are you actively striving to become the leader in your own life? Do you have a clear grasp of your values and purpose?

Rule 2: Lead Others - Inspire and Empower

Leadership and management are often mistaken for synonymous roles, but they possess distinct qualities. While managers focus on tasks and seek compliance, leaders transcend these boundaries. They are visionaries who inspire individuals to willingly follow their lead. Effective leadership involves empowering, motivating, and unlocking the potential within others. It's about fostering creativity, embracing risk-taking, and providing the necessary resources for success. Leaders set a strategic course while simultaneously holding team members accountable to their shared goals.

Consider: Are you aiming to be a leader or a manager? Which role aligns with your aspirations?

Rule 3: Lead Always - Steadfast in Adversity

True leadership isn't a part-time role; it's a continuous presence that remains unwavering in both favourable and challenging circumstances. Leading always demands resilience and courage. Exceptional leaders are not just measured in moments of triumph, but during times of adversity. When faced with unexpected challenges such as a global pandemic or setbacks in business, extraordinary leaders rise above, offering direction, inspiration, and a sense of purpose to their teams.

Reflect: How do you respond when the tides turn against you? What can you do to cultivate a consistent leadership presence?

A Legacy of Empowerment and Growth

Beyond the realm of management, extraordinary leadership embodies passion, integrity, and vision. These leaders foster a culture of growth by empowering others, nurturing creativity, and advocating for calculated risks. Their influence transcends the ordinary and sparks a journey of continuous improvement.

To embark on the path of extraordinary leadership, one must first embark on a journey of self-discovery. Armed with a profound understanding of their values and purpose, leaders ignite the potential within others, propelling them to achieve greatness. By embracing the three rules - leading oneself, leading others, and leading always - leaders construct a legacy that leaves a positive impact on the world, both within their professional endeavours and personal lives.

Ultimately, the essence of leadership lies in recognising that the pursuit of greatness is an ongoing journey, and the most significant impact is achieved by lifting others up. Aspiring to lead with unwavering dedication, selflessness, and inspiration, extraordinary leaders create a path for others to follow, forever changing the landscape of leadership.

By Colleen Callander & Shannah Kennedy Founders of HUMAN ELEVATION Visit us at:

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